Monday, November 27, 2006

SZ Subtypes

Patient took supplements today. No known thought disorder today.

I'm researching subtype of SZ based on memories of Patients past symptoms and pre SZ symptoms. Indications are High Histamine and/or Pyroluria. Patient had history of quick acting, swelling skin reactions to scratches or insect bites. Chronic pre-med SZ symptoms include temper outbursts, delusional thinking, mood swings, anxiety, depression - Patient was misdiagnosed depressed.

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There is a strong possibility that Patient is suffering from an undetected allergy that has affected the brain (a cerebral allergy). Patient experienced highly allergic reaction to eating ice cream 5 years ago and had to go to the hospital. At one point in Patient's past, there was a craving for cottage cheese and frozen yogurt. We've discovered in our research that most often the foods we are allergic to are often times the same foods that we crave. There's a chance that the Patient has become more intensely allergic to dairy products over time and that may have brought on the SZ symptoms because of the body's inability to cope with the allergy. The allergy left undetected may have created what has seemed to appear to be a chronic condition. Dairy molecules can have a negative impact on the brain in those who are allergic to it. Beginning yesterday, consumption of dairy products was stopped for a period of time. We will monitor Patient over the next week or so to see if/how SZ symptoms improve.

Some very interesting allergy information is available at the following link:


SW said...

Well, we are certain that dairy was in the restaurant lunch and in the Thanksgiving meal. Gluten could be the culprit, but I'm more suspicious of added sugar. Raisin bran has a lot of sugar. In the past, Patient has felt dizzy after consuming coffee with a baked good consisting of lots of sugar. Also, patient did not do well eating strawberry pancakes in the past. I think starting out the day with a meal that contains more sugar than necessary, might cause the dizziness.

The Family said...

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