Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cerebral Allergies

Several standing dizzy spells occurred 30 minutes after eating Raisin Bran and soymilk at 12pm. Supplements had not yet been taken.

No panic or hallucinations reported today. Patient exercised today. Pills found left in todays box at 7pm. Worked with cph to fully manage the pill box and monitor its use. All other supplements have been removed from access by Patient. Multivitamins were found to contain copper and are removed from Patient's access. Discussed these details with Patient by phone. Had not had dinner yet by 8PM. Verified no hallucinations or voices today. Evening meal was antipasto salad - no dizziness.

(1)"Dairy and gluten allergies are common to people with schizophrenia," said Carter, who has headed the Schizophrenia Foundation for nearly 20 years. "I've seen many cases when removing them - a majority of the symptoms will abate. These are confirmed by orthomolecular doctors around the world."

(1) Patricia Lefave - "Nuts R Us News" Blog - DONNA NEBENZAHL, The Gazette - Published: Monday, May 08, 2006


SW said...

Do you know if there was cheese in the antipasto salad?

The Family said...

well, those salads typically have cheese and sliced processed meat. I suggest you write gwh with that question.